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Example 1: Basic Clean up. This photo had tape stains and some scratches. Oringinally Taken in 1952

Exanple 2: This photo originally taken in 1941 had tape damage, tears, crayon marks and it was faded. We brought it back to life and printed it on to Exhibition Canvas

Example 3: Peter and Shirley had their wedding photo taken in 1961. The photo was scratched and faded. We cleaned it up and brightened the picture. Then Printed on 11x17 Exhibition Canvas.

Example 4: The Original Photo was taken in 1936. The size was 1x1. It was Anna's ONLY childhood picture. Completely destroyed over time we did as much as possible to bring it back. She now has an 8x10 of this piece of history.

Our Restoration Photos Start at Only $29.99 Prices Based on the Photo Condition We also Include a FREE 8x10 Glossy or Matte Print





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